Family Dinner

wpid-20130418_2112210.jpgFor Christmas, my grandmother gave me a cookbook with a collection of her recipes. My grandma has always been a fabulous cook. Tonight I decided to try a new recipe from the book, Salmon Bake with Pecan Crunch. However, I did not have a few of the ingredients so I improvised. My version was made with a Walnut Crunch. I also decided tonight they animals would share in my bounty.

For Sensi, just raw sockeye salmon. He ate most of it which I am very happy about as he won’t touch the elk, deer, or pork I have tried to give him in the past.

The girls’ dishes looked so good I could have eaten them.

Human, dog and cat dinners

Human, dog and cat dinners

They had:

  • Raw sockeye salmon
  • Boiled asparagus drizzled with salmon oil
  • Finely chopped walnuts
  • Raw honey
  • and some raw pork chops left over from this morning, with bone for Nakia.

They loved, loved, loved their dinners tonight! I didn’t think Rose would eat her veggies but low and behold, they were one of the first to go.

Lucky dogs. What are some of the meals you guys prepare for your four legged kiddies? Share in the comment section below.


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