The Chronicles of Sensi the Cat

Twelve years ago this Mother’s Day a grey little fur ball whose life would be forever entwined with mine, was born. I guess I should start at the beginning though. I was 18 years old and enjoying my youth. I was in no place to take on ANY responsibility. I worked as a ticket checker team leader at a local ski resort and was enjoying the snowboarder bum life style. One of my co-workers had been kicked out of her house and was living out of her car with two Russian Blues in the dead of winter. I couldn’t stand seeing the cats huddled up together for warmth, peering out her rear window while she was on the hill at work. So when she asked me if I could watch them for a few days I couldn’t refuse.

The momma and the poppa, Corona and Sadel.

The momma and the poppa, Corona and Sadel.

She promised to bring by food and kitty litter for their stay. I told her it was only for a very short time because we lived in an apartment with a strict NO PETS policy. She assured me it would not be long. Several weeks went by and while I saw her at work often she would say, “Just another day or two…” By this time I had already picked up kitty litter and food from the store. She stopped by once a while later when we were having a party and dropped off a can of wet cat food. I want to say at least a several more weeks if not a month or two went by with the same excuses and lack of food or even care of the cats from my co-worker. So, when she finally said, “mmkay, I want those cats back”. I told her, “no way in hell.” I couldn’t in good conscience give them to someone who wouldn’t take care of them. I told her that if she had actually cared for the cats she would have at least given me some food or money for the food I was providing for them. So, I suddenly had two very young cats.

IMAG1946Did you know that cats can start having babies around 4 months of age? Before you could say Jack Robinson, I had seven cats living in a two bedroom apartment that didn’t allow pets, living with three young, irresponsible (and messy) party girls and cockroaches that scattered to the filthy recesses and trash piles when you switched on the lights. Hey, don’t judge! When the kittens were old enough we found homes for the puffy balls of fur. The very last guy to go was the grey male I mentioned in the very first sentence of this post. He was adopted by my boyfriend at the time, Dave. He would name the little Russian Blue, Sensi.

After about a year, Dave would decide to make the move back to his home town in Florida. He drove across country but having a very small car and a very big pit bull as well he could not take Sensi with him this trip. He asked me to watch him for a short period and just like Sensi’s mom and dad, Dave basically forgot about him. He then asked me to keep him. In no place to keep yet another cat, I told Dave I would try to re-home him. My room mate at the time had a friend who was interested immediately but while I was at work he showed up to take Sensi home. However, he took the wrong cat. Instead he left with Sensi’s mom who looked almost identical, Corona. When I arrived home from work, I panicked! Corona was a very sensitive soul and my room mate’s friend had suddenly disappeared of the face of the earth. It took us nearly a week to track him down and by the time he brought sweet Corona home they were both so ridiculously attached to one another I could not break them apart. So, Sensi again became my cat.

IMAG1941Nearly ten years go by and I find myself in a situation where I need to find a place for Sensi to stay for a month or two. My sister’s boy friend at the time, Jake stepped up to the plate. However, circumstances changed and 2 months turned into 2 years. This ended up being a very wonderful thing for Sens. He had always been a very skiddish cat with very low confidence. The boys who lived in Jake’s house built up his confidence and now he is a very well balanced cat.

You’re probably wondering why I even bothered telling you this story on a blog about feeding dogs a RAW food diet. Well, because about a week and a half ago I received a call from one if the guys who had become Sensi’s caretaker. They were all moving out. After much discussion it was decide that Sens would be happier living with me again even with all the dogs. So, now I have a cat again. My beautiful cloudy, Indy Sens. I thought, why should the dogs be the only animals in the house eating the way nature intended? We know I don’t. I mean a Mountain Dew a morning isn’t really what nature intended. But hey, I’m an addict , ok? Again, don’t judge!

Sensi adjusting to the new house

Sensi adjusting to the new house

So in my research I have come to the conclusion that cats are easier when it comes to RAW on the one hand and on the other, they are harder. Let me explain. I think feeding Sensi raw will be easier in that cats don’t really need the vegetable matter and stuff. They require a lot less variety. Cats unlike dogs are pure carnivores. They eat all meat. They even get most of their water/moisture from their meals. It’s sounding to me like I won’t have to worry as much about the different components. I want to keep going on this but it really is another post in itself. So, I think you’ll have to wait until I can write a “Why feed your cat RAW?” post. Just know that after that long story, what I am going to start doing is slowly making the transition from the bag marked only “cat food” with a healthy, raw species specific diet for the “new” addition to my pack. I hope to chronicle the adventures of feeding a cat raw and will be posting about it on here. So keep an eye out for new posts on RAW CAT EATS!



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  1. Howdy! This post could not be written much better!

    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He constantly kept talking about this. I will send
    this article to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a
    very good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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