I must apologize. I just realized I have not written a post in nearly two weeks. Boy, time flies. I’m not going to make a bunch of excuses because I personally often find excuses to be pointless. I have been working on some more informative drafts and am doing research every day so I will have some better posts soon.

IMAG1082The past few days I have been adding a lot of different textures to my dogs’ food. I made a trip to Trader Joe’s the other day and bought some chicken halves with ribs for the dogs as well as low fat plain yogurt and some blueberries to share with the dogs. For Saturday’s breakfast, I chopped off some smaller pieces of the chicken for little Rose but gave Nakia a full half. I then added a spoon or three, depending on the dog of yogurt which I then added a few blueberries too. My dogs LOVE blueberries. Nakia, like her momma, seems to love popping things in her teeth, like blueberries and fish oil pills. I also added some of the squash puree which I defrosted earlier. I also cracked a raw egg into Nakia’s bowl and IMAG1083spooned a bit of it out for Rosie and spooned a little coconut oil on the dish as well. I then sprinkled the whole dish with cinnamon to give them a little more variety.

I have recently been asked if I mix all the proportions in the dogs’ food together or if I put in each element separately. I like to add each piece separately for a few reasons. I personally do not like my food all combined so I let them have individual portions.  I also feed them like this so I can watch which foods they go for first and last so that I can see which foods they love, like and hate. If it is something I know they need but they don’t like, I will then mix it with something they love.

IMAG1131For dinner that night, I gave them basically the same meal but changed the protein source. I fed them:


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