And so it begins…..

…our journey into RAW. I work at a dog training center where many of my colleagues feed their dogs a RAW diet and their dogs are in such great shape. Beautiful teeth and coats, bright eyes, healthy energy levels. I knew it was something I had to try. However, it takes lots of research to begin a RAW diet for your dog. I have spent more than a year reading and researching RAW as well as picking the brains of anyone I could find who could further my knowledge. I have been feeding my dogs RAW with the occasional kibble meals for several months now. When my best friend, Ali saw the benefits my dog Nakia showed she asked me where she should start if she wanted her dogs, Joey and Sadie to get in on the goodness as well. I decided to start this blog to help her and others interested in getting into the RAW lifestyle because that’s really what it is, a lifestyle. I have another blog, Bow To The Wow Wow dedicated to my knowledge and experience with dogs as not only a curious individual but also as a dog trainer, pet sitter and dog walker. I feel I have so much to say on RAW I decided to break away from Bow To The Wow Wow and start a new blog, RAW Dog Eats. I hope to share my research, successes, failures, recipes; you name it. So I hope you all enjoy!

………And here we go………

Me and my girls, Rosalie (aka Rose or Rosie) and Nakia

Me and my girls, Rosalie (aka Rose or Rosie) and Nakia

This is me and my two girls, Rosalie and Nakia. Nakia is a dog who came from my days of ignorance, I bought her from a breeder on KSL. I met the breeders in a mall parking lot “just to look at the puppies” and of course took one home. They claimed she was a “pure breed pit bull” but because they didn’t have papers and she was the runt of the litter I got her for super cheap. She was such a skinny little thing. She is still pretty lanky but has blossomed into one of the best dogs anyone could ever ask for. On her 5th birthday I realized that her life is most likely nearly half way over. I can’t imagine my life with out her and began to ponder how I could keep her around longer….without getting into some freaky science experiments. I also wanted her quickly approaching golden years to be as pain free and happy as possible. And so, began my journey into RAW. More on this later.
Back in October, I brought home two chihuahua fosters from Davis County Animal Shelter. My mom named the little 4 pounder Rosalie and the larger one Daisy. After the first week and some semi intensive health problems from her spay, I fell in love with Rosalie. I officially signed the papers making her my first “foster failure” in late November. Daisy found a great home with a family including a little boy who stole her heart. While tiny Rose eats a mere fraction of the food Nakia eats, I have found that small dogs have a whole array of dietary needs that big dogs do not, which I will also be exploring. I hope you can enjoy this new adventure with me and my dogs. Maybe we can even be of a little help. Happy reading! 🙂


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